Trailers & Trucks

Trailers and Trucks
Trailer & Truck rentals for your construction project in Midland or Odessa, TX
Hauling materials are all part of the construction process. We are the most reasonably priced and top full-service provider of heavy construction equipment in the Permian Basin, including our variety of trailers!
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  • 2,200 gallon water truck - $1,000/week, $3,000/month
  • 4,000 gallon water truck - $2,000/week, $6,000/month
  • 12 yd Dump Truck - $1,500/week, $4,500/month
  • 16 yd Dump Truck - $1,833/week, $5,000/month
  • Light Duty 16 ft, 16,000 lb., double axle trailer - $300/week, $900/month
  • Heavy Duty, 20 ft, 20,000 lb., double axle trailer - $415/week, $1,250/month
  • Gooseneck 5x37 ft, 22 ton trailer - $300/week, $900/month
  • 16 ft x 76 inch trash trailer – $350/week, $900/month

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Rental Terms:
  • All rental rates are F.O.B. Roper, Inc. yard or shipping point property
  • All transportation charges are the responsibility of the customer
  • Delivery trucks are available
  • No insurance, license, sales or use taxes are included in the rental rates and are at the expense of the customer
  • All rental rates are based on single shift operation 8 hours per day, 40 hours per week, or 200 hours per month
  • Customer agrees to return machine in same condition received, less normal wear
  • Customer will bear the cost of the lubrication, including engine oil and filter, hydraulic oil and filter, and other scheduled servicing as described in operator's manual
  • Customer is responsible for all tire damage, including flats, and should make own arrangements for repairs or replacements
For the most updated pricing and inventory, please call us at 432-248-0312 today.
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